The perfect Filter ist not made of cellulose or activated carbon.
It's made of both.


Half cellulose.
Half activated carbon.
Twice as nice.

The unique filter combination of Hybrid Supreme Filters removes an especially high proportion of the harmful toxins present in the smoke. What remains is a silky, smooth smoke and the full flavour of your chosen herbs.

Hybrid Supreme Filters combine all the advantages of traditional carbon filters with cellulose filter elements to revolutionise smoking enjoyment! With four different segments for outstandingly effectively filtering you can enjoy a refined smoking experience but without breathing in any carbon dust.

-38 %


-99 %

Carbon Dust*

100 %



The paper is here.

Finally the time has come. To match our activated carbon filters, we have for your our Hybrid papers made of 100% organic hemp fibers:

Neutral Taste.
Natural adhesive rubber.
Burns evenly.

33x Papes

25x 33 Papes

100% organic

33x Papes

25x 33 Papes

100% organic

Now, let's roll.

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Why Activated Carbon?

A filter filled with activated carbon – especially coconut shell-based carbon – has an especially large surface area that can filter out even more toxins from the smoke.

Why cellulose?

Unlike activated carbon, cellulose can filter coarser particles and forms an additional barrier for carbon dust, nicotine and tar.

Why not both?

When you think about it, combining the best of both worlds is only logical. But it’s not easy. Now, though, after more than three years of intensive research, numerous prototypes and countless tests, Hybrid Supreme Filters are revolutionising the market.

Fully social.
Fully ecological.
Twice as nice.

Of course, we like to chill. But when it comes to social and environmental responsibility, we get into gear faster than you can say nice.

Which is why we decided to manufacture Hybrid Supreme Filters in Europe so we could keep transport distances as short as possible. Our filters are packaged by Integrationswerkstätte Ternitz in Lower Austria and further integration workshops in Austria. These organisations employ up to 120 young people with disabilities who manufacture high quality products with attention to detail, dedication and enthusiasm. We’re pleased to say, they’re just as good at packaging your filters.


Pure Pleasure!

How and what you smoke is a question of personal taste.
But you’re always guaranteed the most amazing experience with Hybrid Supreme Filters! 


It's all about carbon!

We use the finest coconut shell-based carbon that’s available and fill each and every filter with 100 mg of the stuff. This creates an especially large filter surface for an even better filter effect.

Hybrid Filter Glas 1000 Stück Slim Aktivkohlefilter

Hybrid Supreme 1k Cookie Jar - 1000 Filters


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You need filters and accessories?
Twice as nice!

Hybrid Supreme Pack M
Hybrid Supreme Pack M
Hybrid Supreme Filter Box Open 55 Stück Aktivkohlefilter Slim
Hybrid Supreme Filters Box Close Side
Hybrid Supreme Papers Package
Hybrid Supreme Papers single Paperleaf
Hybrid Supreme Clipper Closeup

Hybrid Supreme Pack M

Hybrid Supreme Pack XL
Hybrid Supreme Pack XL
Hybrid Supreme Filter Glas 1000 Slim Aktivkohlefilter
Hybrid Supreme Paper Packung
Hybrid Supreme Paper Display Packung Closeup
Hybrid Supreme Paper single Paperleaf
Hybrid Supreme Clipper Closeup

Hybrid Supreme Pack XL