Initially, there were 2 founders, but nowadays, it's rare to find oneself alone in the Hybrid Office.

Eight constantly smoking heads take care of filter inventory, answer your inquiries, work on new products, and come up with all the content you encounter from us out there in the wild, whether it's digital or something tangible to touch and smoke.


In the background, there are countless other people bustling around Hybrid. Especially in the social workshops, where people with disabilities work to ensure that filter and smoking products that come from the factory are packaged in the highest quality. But also, the many people from sales, the numerous shops, artists and cultural workers, influencers, and hardcore Hybrid fans contribute to the look and feel of Hybrid. At this point, a heartfelt thank you is extended to all of them - without you, this would not be possible and would only be half as much fun.


A "herziger" (heartwarming) approach, as they say in Vienna, both internally and with everyone we come into contact with, is not just important to us, but rather our natural way of interacting.

Give it a try. Feel free to get in touch with our support team and let them sweet talk you. Yes, we still have real people answering you. We might be a bit scatterbrained sometimes, but hey, authenticity is key, right?.

Hybrid, what's your thing?


From Smokers. For Smokers.

We are all smokers ourselves, we have the same needs as you, and we tailor our products precisely to those needs. It's important for us to always consider this perspective first because we have to believe in it ourselves before we release our products into the wild.

Magic Quality.

We do like to have fun and take things easy, but when it comes to the quality of our products, we get serious. Whether it's the manufacturing quality, designing appealing yet practical design, or maintaining contact with our community, we have the highest standards in all areas. We are our own toughest critics and continuously strive to improve in order to deliver the full Hybrid Experience to you.

More for less.

From the very beginning, it has been important for us to offer our premium filters and high-quality accessories at affordable prices for everyone. Over the years, we have developed the ability to produce more filters for less money through a special production process and an optimized supply chain. When selecting our accessories, we pay particular attention to quality and long-term value, and we use each product ourselves daily.

Better together.

Our mantra for everything, whether it's people or products, is that together, everything is better. It is visible in our filter product, which is made from two key components: cellulose and activated charcoal. This philosophy continues with our packaging, such as our Kombipack, which includes rolls and filters. And finally, it's also our motto in dealing with people, whether they are close to us or yet strangers.


The Hybrid Classic Edition Playlist. Put it on, roll one up, lean back, relax.


A medical student in search of a smoother and less harmful smoking experience - that's how it all began in the summer of 2012.

At that time, the market for activated charcoal filters was still quite small, so Andi opted for the only product available: a 9mm thick activated charcoal filter with a ceramic cap. They often clogged, the taste left something to be desired, but what was an even bigger problem for Andi is that 9mm thick filters required packing quite a lot into the spliff. This was only possible for Andi, who was on a student budget at the time, by diluting the blend with a lot of tobacco - not so bueno. So he and a friend set out to craft smaller filters with activated charcoal.