Half medical doctor. Half entrepreneur. Twice as nice.

In February 2017 we asked ourselves whether it ispossible to create and manufacture a filter that is more innovative, moreeffective and yet cheaper for the consumer? 

Who are we? Andreas, who is a doctor, and Lukas,who is an entrepreneur. To find the answer, we began work on thefirst four-segment filters. 

Over the next three years, we developed a number ofprototypes, swapped and changed various filter components and tested a range ofdifferent papers, carbons and cellulose. 

The resultis a perfect combination of activated carbon and cellulose that is ideal forfiltering harmful substances for a smoother smoke and even moreflavour. Compared to activated carbon filters, this combination also preventsthe filter from clogging at cooler temperatures. 

In other words: A filter that gives you everything you need for smokingenjoyment.