Activated Carbon Filters

Using Hybrid Supreme Filters you have optimized smoking pleasure through maximum filtering of pollutants and full taste. No more activated carbon dust in your smoke, on your tongue or on your lips. Tar, nicotine and at least 50 other toxins are also reduced by the filter effect and your body is less stressed. What remains is the optimal smoking experience and the full effect of your herbs.

Hybrid FAQ's

In addition to the usual suspects such as tar and nicotine, hybrid filters also filter toxins like arsenic, dixoin, hydrocyanic acid, cadmium, lead and 50 other carcinogenic pollutants. In addition, it filters 99% of the activated carbon dust in contrast to conventional activated carbon filters.

Conventional activated charcoal filters clog because of condensed air on the surface of the activated charcoal, which combines with the pollutants and creates a congestive slime.

Hybrid filters do not clog. You can read why this is the case in this blog article.

Basically, yes, but we advise against it, especially if your self-rolled cones are very long. Activated carbon and cellulose only absorb a certain amount of pollutants. If you use your hybrid filter more often, the filter effect will decrease and the taste will be distorted and we don't want that, don't we?.

Of course our filters are vegan. We would still not recommend eating them.

Short and sweet: No. Everything is filtered, but not your active ingredients.
You can find out more about this topic in detail in Read this blog post.



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