The Hybrid History

Mar 13, 2024
Die Hybrid Geschichte


A medical student in search of a smoother and less harmful smoking experience - that's how it all began in the summer of 2012. At that time, the market for activated charcoal filters was still quite small, so Andi opted for the only product available: a 9mm thick activated charcoal filter with a ceramic cap. They often clogged, the taste left something to be desired, but what was an even bigger problem for Andi is that 9mm thick filters required packing quite a lot into the bag. This was only possible for Andi, who was on a student budget at the time, by diluting the blend with a lot of tobacco - not so bueno. So he and a friend set out to craft smaller filters with activated charcoal.


It remained a hobby for the time being, with the focus on studying. But even during his studies, Andi kept an eye on smoking: Andi's thesis focused on smoking behavior and smoke filtration. In the course of this research, he discovered, for example, that it is not enough to filter only with activated charcoal because the activated charcoal dust is inhaled. Suddenly, Andi was back in tinkering mode. Torn index cards, filter tips, activated charcoal, and cellulose scraps soon cluttered every surface in his apartment in Vienna. Every prototype was carefully tested by himself and with friends. "Yo, this smokes super smooth!" echoed back from these voluntary guinea pigs. The result was already a level better than with conventional filters, even with this DIY version.




It was now 2016, and Andi was looking for a partner with whom he could professionally venture into this filter business when he met Luki. At that time still working full-time as a doctor, he had found the man for the day-to-day in Luki. Together, they started developing a novel filter. Over the next two years, they searched for reliable suppliers and production partners, tested 50 different types of activated charcoal, countless cellulose tissues, combinations, and quantities. Over 1000 (no joke) prototypes were built by Andi himself and tested with pleasure or distributed as birthday gifts to friends. In 2018, the company was founded. However, not as Hybrid. The company was born in a fine smoking attire with the name TUX:

Prototyp der ersten Verpackung

Prototyp des Filters mit TUX Branding

And yes, Andi admits today, it's a pretty bad pun. But with a few puffs of inspiration, TUX eventually became Hybrid.


Over the next 2 years, samples of the filter components are ordered and searched for in a small apartment until the right production partner is found. Each component of the Hybrid Supreme Filter has its own functions, and all parts are coordinated to achieve the optimal mix of draw and filtration. After over three years of research, the right combination of activated charcoal and cellulose, as well as a production partner, is found. The first order of machine-made Hybrid Filters is placed. With these 8000 prototypes in the trunk, Andi and Luki leave the production facility. They only make it around the first corner before pulling over to the side of the road, popping open the trunk, and lighting one up. Nearly four years of time, money, and naive entrepreneurial spirit are on the line. Andi recalls, "I hadn't been this nervous in a long time, like before that first puff." As the first plume of smoke leaves their lungs, they know that the work of the past years has paid off. The HYBRID FILTER is born. Small changes, such as a rougher paper casing to improve grip inside the rolling paper, are made, and in September 2020, the sales launch is announced with a visit and the distribution of free samples at the Global Marijuana March in Munich.