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This is the next chapter in Hybrid history:

After we found the perfect combination of pulp and activated carbon with the Hybrid Supreme Filter, the next mission was very clear: to find the perfect combination of filters and paper.

Allow us to present to you - the Hybrid Kombipack:

The unique combination of Hybrid Supreme filters and Endless Paper Rolls in a practical combination pack made of sturdy cardboard. Perfect for on the go, or even if you just like to keep things tidy at home: the combination pack fits everywhere, be it in your pocket or handbag and the tiresome search for filters and/or rolls is for the history books.

In the pack you will find 33 Hybrid Supreme filters in good old fashioned Hybrid-quality and 4 meters of a new Ultra Slim Endless Paper, the length of which is precisely tailored to the number of filters, so that even those who build a little longer will be pleased to the very end.


Our Hybrid Supreme Filter is a premium 4-layer hybrid filter made of cellulose and activated carbon for the next level smoking experience. Our innovative and patented filter construction removes a particularly large proportion of pollutants and fine particles. What remains is a silky smooth smoking experience with the full effect of your blend.

It's official. Tested in the laboratory, our Hybrid Supreme Filter has 38% fewer pollutants compared to conventional activated carbon filters without cellulose. Your lungs and your whole body will thank you.

Everyone who has smoked with conventional activated carbon filters knows this: carbon particles on your tongue, a scratchy throat and the slight taste of charcoal on the palate. In addition, there is the barely visible fine carbon dust, which soaks up pollutants and travels directly into the lungs.

Not so with our hybrid filters, which filter out almost all of the activated carbon dust. What remains is pure smoking pleasure

Hybrid filters do not clog even when it's cold and rainy, which is an issue with many other activated carbon filters. This is made possible by the special arrangement and combination of the hybrid components.

If you want to learn more about clogging issues of activated carbon filters, then take a look at this ARTICLE on our blog.

Take our word for it or try it out yourself - no taste of its own, no added flavor and no distortion of your blends original flavor.

Not convinced yet? Then try it out with a FREE Filter test package

After more than 3 years of development, we can guarantee you without a doubt: Our products filter everything except the active ingredients in your blend.

Not convinced? You can find more info about this topic in this ARTICLE.

on our blog.


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